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a) Provided that they are in the last year of high school or graduated;

1) Those who are foreign nationals,

2) Those who have Turkish citizenship by birth and who have been granted permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to get out of Turkish citizenship and who document that they have a document regarding the exercise of the Recognized Rights obtained under the Turkish Citizenship Law in Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law (5901). (1) in Turkey or abroad Turkish citizens a child born Turkish citizen of wedlock is a mother or father. "Judgment is located in, candidates will apply for abroad acceptance quota is beneficial in the Turkish Citizenship Law review.)

3) With the citizenship acquired while foreign nationals, T.C. citizenship / dual citizens in this situation

4) a) T.C., who continued his secondary education abroad before 01.02.2013. national students, the last three years of secondary education (high school) K.K.T.C. that those who have completed their secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except for K.K.T.C., can apply to students admission quotas from abroad.

b) Candidates who started secondary education abroad after 01.02.2013 will be able to accept all of their secondary education (high school) from K.K.T.C. applicants who complete their education in a foreign country (including those who have completed their secondary education (high school) in Turkish schools opened at the Ministry of National Education in a foreign country other than K.K.T.C.)

5) K.K.T.C. is a nationality; Applications for those who have resident in K.K.T.C. and completed their secondary education (high school) in K.K.T.C. and those who have or will have GCE AL exam results by enrolling in and training in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 are accepted.