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To carry out studies to ensure that foreign students who are studying at our university have a qualified education / training period at Iğdır University, complete their education with sincere, satisfaction and sympathy feelings and return to their countries with the same equipment and emotions  Helping students to participate equally in education, social life and cultural activities,  To work towards encouraging education at our university and increasing the number of foreign students in order to increase the proximity of our university to other countries' cultures and to introduce the cultural and social structure of our country in other countries,  To make efforts to ensure that foreign students studying at our university become volunteer cultural ambassadors for our university and our country when they return to their countries.


To organize social, cultural and artistic activities by determining the important days for our international students, to plan social activities that promote and endear our country's culture, to contribute to the internationalization of Iğdır University at the highest level by providing consultancy services to international students in every field.